Holy Trinity Parish Church

 Winchester's Anglo-Catholic Church

Welcome to Holy Trinity Parish Church


Hampshire's only Anglo-Catholic Church


Regular services during Interregnum



 10.30am Parish Mass

Childrens items in the small hall during the service and at the west end of the north aisle.

 A parent must accompany children at all times.

Coffee in the small hall after Mass.



the church will be open from 10am till 12noon for prayers



 12noon Angelus and Low Mass

Followed by 'bring your own lunch' and coffee in the small hall.

During the interregnum we are very proud to say that our numbers and support has grown both in the church where numbers have doubled and in the halls where we can proudly say that our halls are used by over 400 children and adults every week.

Apart from all that we are getting fresh enquires every week for the halls and coming up to \christmas the whole of St Bede's school will use the church for their nativity also Yellow dots use the church for their Christmas concert 

So add the whole of St Bedes and yellow dots to the 400 already using Holy Trinity and we have 1500+ using Holy Trinity.

Add to this our neighbours who although not regular worshippers enjoy the benefits of rare open space in the centre of such a busy, polluted city our grounds have been described as a rare oasis of peace and tranquillity in a busy world. 

If you would like to enjoy the peace and tranquillity we have please feel free

Christmas is coming at Holy Trinity Parish Church

Starting with Christmas lunch after Mass on Sunday  15th December

Carol singalong on the 20th December 4 pm with mince pies and mulled wine or apple juice for the sleigh drivers.

 Christmas eve sees the First Mass of Christmas at 7.30pm


Christmas Day Mass at 10.30 am to be the culmination of a wonderful session of celebrations into the birth of christ our saviour.

May we wish you all a happy and Holy Christmas and look forward to seeing many of you in the new year as we strive to grow the following that Holy Trinity enjoys.

Directions into our car park are via the oneway system turning right at the Kentucky and dominos shops we are at the end of this oneway street on the right. We can only guarantee parking at mass times. There is much municipal parking in the area.

Buses run down North Walls and you need to alight at the St Peters car park stop.

We are about 7mins walk from the station and 4 mins from the High St.