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Holy Trinity Parish Church

Winchester's Anglo-Catholic Church


town centre church

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Welcome to Holy Trinity Parish Church


Holy Trinity as seen on its West side.


Built in 1854 designed by Henry Woodyer.

The original design did not include a porch, this was added in 1894 as did the vestry.


The cost of the site was £900 and the build £4,500.

The church was designed to accommodate 900 worshippers.





The Lady Chapel was re-ordered by Ninian Comper in the late 1940s.


The reredos is a Nativity with the Agnus Dei and the pelican, both emblems of sacrifice, in the medallions on either side.


The candlesticks and candelabra are also by Comper.


The east window depicts, beneath the crucifix, the risen Christ making himself known to his fellow-travellers at supper following the walk to Emmaus.

Directions into our car park are via the oneway system turning right at the Kentucky and dominos shops we are at the end of this oneway street on the right. We can only guarantee parking at mass times. There is much municipal parking in the area. Buses run down North Walls and you need to alight at the St Peters park stop. We are about 7mins walk from the station and 4 mins from the High St. neway system

In an alcove on the left side of the Lady Chapel is a statue of Our Lady of Walsingham.

To visit ;

The Shrine of our Lady of Walsingham

The Summer fete was a great success here are a few pictures taken on the day by one of the stall holders kieran Boniface a professional photographer

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